Enhance the look and feel of your house with our selection of Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tiles.

Limestone Tiles

For those looking for a natural product with soft subtle tones limestone is an excellent option.  Limestone is a beautiful and durable stone perfect for living room spaces, bathroom walls and floors and outdoor areas. This natural stone is available in a range of different tones, textures, finishes and sizes including cobbles, flagstones and parquet formats. Its porous structure means that limestone easily absorbs stains, and it is recommended to be sealed from time to time to keep dirt and soil from becoming embedded.


Limestone Tiles Glamorgantiles

Bergamo Tumbled

This hard, durable limestone has scattered fossil and vein markings.The tumbled finish softly rounds the edges.

Calcot Limestone TIles Glamorgantiles

Calcot Tumbled

The slightly open grain gives it a rustic Cotswold feel that ensures it looks wonderful immediately.

Denham Limestone Tiles - Glamorgantiles

Denham Seasoned

These cool grey flagstones provide an incredibly durable floor with a time-worn appearance for instant character.

Neranjo Limestone Seasoned Tiles - Glamorgantiles

Neranjo Seasoned

These flagstones have a rich, warm colour reminiscent of a West Country farmhouse.

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