Stone Tiles

Enhance the look and feel of your home with our selection of Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tiles.

Back to the Stoneage…

Discover the astonishing natural beauty of every individual piece of stone with our unparalleled range of natural stone floor and wall tiles.

Uniquely hardwearing, every individual piece is a marvel of nature, unique, tactile and beautiful, from limestone, travertine, marble and sandstone tiles to terracotta and slate pieces, we stock only the finest natural stone floor and wall tiles and offer an affordable way to take your interior decor to the next level.


Limestone Tiles Glamorgantiles


Shell and fossils characterise limestone, bringing an entirely unique level of luxury and visual warmth to your interiors.

Ceramic Tiles Glamorgan Tiles


Very hard and smooth, with myriad colour tones and veining that are beautiful and mesmerising to look at.

Dorchester Sandstone Tumbled - Glamorgan TIles


One of the most durable and handsome natural stone options providing a timeless, classic look. A popular outdoor choice.

Metropolitan Slate Hexagon Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles


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