Mosaic Tiles

We have a variety of Mosaic Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms and living areas that will enhance any room with luxurious designs in stone and marble.

Marvellous Mosaic Tiles…

Our selection of stone, glass and mirrored mosaics are complicated in design and exquisitely crafted. We have so many variations for your perfect wall design, from dark and dramatic to natural and minimalist, you can create your own living experience of style.


Atlantis Scallop Mosaic - Glamorgan Tiles

Atlantis Scallop Mosaic

Swimming their way into bathroom and kitchen interiors, these porcelain mosaic tiles will add drama to any design scheme.

Yoga Penny Mosaic - Glamorgan Tiles

Yoga Penny Mosaic

This penny round mosaic tile collection has a raku effect on the glaze, adding a real style statement to modern interiors.

Long Island Mosaic - Glamorgan Tiles

Long Island Herringbone

 very affordable, classic white marble with grey veins.  It’s available in 10 x 30.5cm tiles as well

Mandala Mosaic Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Mandala Mosaic

70s pop art, Mandala features classic 70s style kaleidoscope patterns oozing with colour and life.

Stars Mosaic Tiles -Glamorgan Tiles

Stars Mosaic

The Stars Mosaic uses a scattering of round tiles of various sizes to create a striking effect in a simple white scheme.

Tiffany Black mosaic Tles - Glamorgan Tiles

Tiffany Black Mosaic

 Three dimensional piece with extraordinary aesthetic and sensory richness to combine with dark and white colours.

Coffee Stone Hex - Glamorgan Tiles

Coffee Stone Hex

Coffee Stone’s contrasting finishes and textures in a hexagon marble can pull your scheme together.

Lush Pearlescent Mosaic Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Lush Mosaic

Enjoy the changing colours under different lighting conditions that the Lush Mosaic tile brings.

Lumiere Antique Mosaic Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Lumiere Antique Mosaic

Create a decorative wall feature in bedrooms or living rooms or as a splash-back with style in kitchens or bathrooms.

Lozenge Mosaic Tiles - Glamorgan Tiles

Lozenge Mosaic

Use these iridescent Lozenge tiles from our mosaic range to add drama to any bathroom or kitchen.

Orabella Penny Mosaic Tiles -Glamorgan Tiles

Orabella Penny Mosaic

The Orabella Penny Mosaic In rich shades of copper and bronze they will transform any space

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