Boutique Interior Design


From your dream boudoir to everyday glamour, the boutique look is all about indulgence! Forget simplicity and the paired back look, boutique is all about beauty. Deep, sultry colours in luxurious fabrics, metallic detailing and exquisite mirrors and lighting. Introduce this look to your home and shine like the star you are!


Luxury Velvet Chair Ink by Casabrand

Luxury Velvet Chair

W750 x D450 x H790mm
Price: £266.61

Gatsby 2 Drawer Mirrored Sideboard By Casabrand

Gatsby Mirrored Sideboard

Height: 90 cm, Width: 160 cm, Depth: 40 cm,
Price:  £725.00

Gatsby Mirrored Sideboard By Casabrand

Gatsby 2 Drawer Mirrored Console

Height: 80 cm, Width: 100 cm, Depth: 40 cm
Price: £395.00

Grace Dressing Stool by Casabrand

Grace Dressing Stool Silver

W470 x D450 x H400mm
Price: £293.00

Icarus Mirror By Casabrand

Icarus Mirror

W610 x D15 x H610mm
Price: £102.00

Laviash Mirror By Casabrand

Lavish Mirror

W500 x H600mm
Price: £99.95

Blush Side Table By Casabrand

Blush Side Table

Ø35×44 cm
Price: £141.00

Opulent Hanging Lamp By Casabrand

Opulent Hanging Lamp

Ø13×22 cm
Price: £240.00

Radiant 5 Pendant Light By Casabrand

Radiant 5 Pendant Light

W670 x D230 x H1380mm
Price: £327.00

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