Choosing your new bathroom can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be! At Casabrand Bathrooms, we can take the stress out of designing your dream bathroom. To get you started, here are some tips that can help guide your ideas towards the perfect bathroom for you.


What use does your bathroom have?

Is this your private En-suite where you go to unwind in a serene atmosphere? Or is it a family bathroom that gets lots of use, that needs to be ultra practical and easy to clean? A few simple starting points like this can help guide you towards a bathroom that works hard to meet your needs.


What is fixed? What can be changed?

Most bathrooms will have waste outlets on an outside wall and ideally, keeping these fixed to the external wall is practical for plumbing and can help with planning out your design. They can be moved, though strictly with the advice of an expert! Moving outlets is possible, though can be a hidden cost when re-designing your bathroom. If you are generally happy with where the outlets sit, then designing your bathroom around these can help with the speed and cost of a new bathroom.


The feature

It is worth considering what aspect of your bathroom you would like to take centre stage and be the focal point of the bathroom. It could be a statement bath, an elegant wet area shower or a glamorous vanity unit that become the focal point to the room. Consider what feature you would like to be the main feature and invest in a beautiful product with the wow factor. If a single item in the bathroom is not going to be the main feature, can your tiles become the show stopper for your dream bathroom?


Where to begin?

Knowing where and how to start with a project can be overwhelming, but it’s very simple. Your starting point should be the room measurements. This way you are able to work out what will fit in your bathroom. Click here for our useful guide to measuring bathrooms.  Next is to prioritise what needs you have for your bathroom, think about its purpose in your home and how it can work best for you. Finally, what is your budget? Consider the tiles, bathroom products, fitting, tiling and plumbing of your new bathroom when deciding what to spend. At Bathrooms by Casabrand, we can design your dream bathroom and work with our fitters to ensure your dream bathroom becomes a reality with a wow factor you will want to show off to your guests and practical solutions that work hard in your home!

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